Meet Dr. Bhatia

My journey to be an Orthodontist started when I was a shy 14-year-old teenager with crooked teeth. I slid into parties, hung out at the back and generally just wanted to blend because I was too afraid to smile. Then my mother took me to the local orthodontist. As my teeth got straighter and my confidence grew I would tell my Orthodontist, "Someday I will be like you! " and he would just smile and nod.

The OMG moment of getting my braces (on and then off) was equaled only with that of getting my Orthodontic Diploma, from Louisiana State University, after completing Dental school from Lincoln, Nebraska. I finally had the platform I had prayed and worked for, to help change a life by changing their smile. I went on to get a specialty degree in Pediatric Dentistry because I am passionate about the role of Preventive orthodontics in my practice and I believe my dual specialty degrees equip me well to help those kids that will benefit from an orthopedic intervention before a corrective orthodontic phase.

A passionate, compassionate and well-trained staff has been the added blessing that has helped our office to earn the distinction of being an Elite provider for the Invisalign® treatment method (awarded to only 1% practices in the United states and is based on expertise and results from over 500 treated cases). We are an Exclusive provider for Teen Invisalign in Maui County.

Our Credo says it all:
We strive to provide you the best that orthodontic technology can offer with the best that humanity can offer.

We build kindness… one smile at a time, because we believe that a warm smile is the universal language of kindness!

Our Orthodontic office is set up so both kids and adults alike would feel comfortable in a warm friendly environment. It combines my love for animals and my love for the outdoors. It is a tropical themed space where, as one of our patients put it; ... " The only thing missing is the ocean mist ".

So come on over to our tropical paradise where a chocolate lab (or two) will greet you. Kids can hang out at the video games and the adults can hang out in our WiFi room.

And when I am not "Building Smiles" you can find me kayaking or taking long walks on the beach with my two labs.

I am grateful for the platform God has given me, and for the community that rewards me with their trust and confidence.