Patient Statements

Passion for her work, concern for her patients, skilled techniques and a knowledgeable staff make Dr. Bhatia a winning formula for my orthodontics.

Roma M.

The friendly staff at Bhatia Orthodontics have really taken care of my twin sons' teeth. It's been a great experience so far -- only a year to go (hopefully)!

We have had a great experience at Dr. Bhatia's office. She is very nice and so are the staff. My daughter especially likes Jackie. The kids really like the office mascots. Not even a year into braces and my daughters teeth are already beautiful!!!

I am the parent of one Bhatia Orthodontics graduate and one current patient. My son who is the current patient was unique. He had serious malocclusion problems in his mouth that every orthodontist we interviewed agreed that "Boy, he will be a challenge." Dr. Bhatia, on the other hand looked at him and agreed that although he would be a great challenge for her she also hoped and strived to make him one of her best accomplishments. I was hooked immediately. She had love in her eyes for him when she first met him and she attacked his problems aggressively and decisively which I liked. Her work with him is not finished but he is well on his way to having a great smile and 3 years ago I wondered if his mouth would ever just look normal.

My daughters case was, if you will, a run of the mill cosmetic case. She also was told "I will give you a Julia Roberts smile" and the doctor delivered. My daughter is a freshman in high school and has a beautiful smile thanks to Dr. Bhatia and her great staff.

We are greeted warmly every time we go in and although my son is not always compliant with the rules he never walks out of there on a negative note. Dr. Bhatia and her staff have taken the time to get to know him very well and he always feels good about himself when he leaves even if he gets warnings about not brushing as well as he should. They always take the time to ask him about school or just listen to him tell a story. There have been many times I have been sitting in the waiting room and could hear them all laughing hysterically at something he was telling them about.

My sincere thanks to everyone who works at Bhatia Orthodontics for their hard work and loving care to my family over the years.

The Dabney Family

As an adult, I was extremely nervous to take on this adventure and, although my daughter had braces, I wasn't sure what to expect. Dr. Bhatia and her staff have been treating me for a couple of months and the results are noticeable already. Their kindness and dedication are what drew me to this practice and I couldn't be happier with my decision. You know you are in the hands of someone special when you receive a phone call at home from your orthodontist just checking to see how you're doing.

Donna Q.


I can only say that so far our experience has been excellent. Neither my husband, nor I, wore braces so we really didn't know what to expect - but the staff is very professional and courteous, helpful, resourceful, and willing to respond to whatever concerns we may have. Dr. Bhatia is great - I knew from the moment I met her that she would be the one that took care of my son's orthodontic needs.

Renee B.